7 Things I Am Taking Into 2017

happy-new-year-1919727_1280  For most folks making New Year Resolutions is a normal and fun thing to do. The new year comes out from behind the curtain and there it is — 2017.

I gave up New Year Resolutions a long time ago. They did not work for me. After I made them, I got bored and would go onto something else. Or I just forgot about them as the weeks and months past.

Over  the last couple of years, I have started asking myself, “What am I going to take with me into the new year? After much thought, I have seven things that are important to me to carry into the new year 2017:

  1. My faith in a loving, compassionate God. Reading His Word, attending His church, and fellowship with the faithful.
  2. My commitment and study to improve my writing. I will continue to post this blog (lindafreetoblog.com). My focus will take a slightly different turn toward my thoughts about retirement and those who are 50+. Later in 2017, I will be writing a new blog on immigration and what is happening in that arena. I will let your know when this blog is set up.
  3. My desire to be intentional in my reading and research. I will continue to read the Classics as well as contemporary books even though I cannot get into vampires, horror, and zombies. LOL
  4. My advocacy work with our immigrant brothers and sisters. Instead of the “old” hatreds, fears and angers, I believe it is time to try something new like compassion, justice, and love of those who look different from ourselves.
  5. I am part of the “resistance movement,” started by Sojourners, against the new administration. On Inauguration Day, January 20, 2017, I will be directing and participating in a Prayer Vigil at Christ’s Foundry in Dallas, Texas.
  6. My active commitment to Justice For Our Neighbors (JFON-DFW) a low income legal services nonprofit for immigrants and refugees.  I am chair of the Board of Directors until July 1, 2017; then I will be doing advocacy work for the nonprofit.
  7. Last but far from least, the love for my family. The joy I get (and hopefully give) from my family cannot be expressed in words — so I am not even going to try.

That gives me a great start into 2017! I would love to hear about what you will take with you into the new year.


Today do something that challenges you!!!