Today most of us are on the computer regularly. We look up interesting pieces of information; we send and read emails; we read books on Kindle or another downloadable book carriers.

Happy ComputerSome of us write stories and blogs, while others use them for business, other forms of art, play games and make up games. Computers have become an important part of our lives — even a necessary part of our lives.

I have to admit — I talk to my computer. Many times I “thank” it for working today, or “Why do you (computer) go around gathering up hundreds of emails that I can’t possibly get to?” And there are other conversations that I can’t repeat followed by computer silence.

All of us depend on the availability of our computers. They worked today, so we assume that they will work tomorrow. Am I right? Well, that’s what I thought.

         Seriously I am going back to paper and pen!!   leave-839225__180

My husband Carl is faaaaaar more tech savvy than I am. All I want is for the computer to work. I don’t care why it hiccups sometimes; I don’t care why it will shut down for no reason.

Sometimes an email will disappear — not all emails, just a few of them. And sometimes my computer friend just takes a little longer to come up in the morning. It’s no big deal — it takes me a little longer to get up in the morning also.

I had a Board meeting to plan. There were reports, a resume, and an agenda that I had to send out to the Board members. As the Board chair, it is not unusal for me to be sending out multiple emails about Board business. But last Tuesday was weird enough that even I knew something was not right.

In the course of the day, I had sent out a couple of emails with attachments. Then I began to hear from the Board members that they did not receive the attachments. So I sent out another email with attachments, and again I got the same response from the Board members.

So I sat down for the third time to send another email, when my email just “SENT” itself!! I saw it happen and had a not-so-nice conversation with the computer. I waited about an hour, then quickly send out a fourth email — “I am sorry and take full responsibility for my crazy emails. I quit for tonight. Will try again tomorrow.”

I had a more than full, tiring day and figured that it was “operator error,” and that tomorrow with a clear head, the emails would go out!!

I plugged in my friend to recharge, and said “Goodnight.”  (Remember I talk to my computer friend.) Goodnight to all!!

The next morning I got up and was ready to send out the Board emails with attachments before I did anything else. I did not even get a cup of coffee.

Looking down at my friend, I noticed the little blue light was not on; there was no quiet hmmmmmmm. I touch my friend and it was cold — cold and dead. For a moment I was sad until I realized that all my writing, over 200 Kindle books, reports, emails, and things that I had long forgotten were GONE!

I am not always good about backing up my stuff. Knowing this, my smart th3fotfzokhusband set the computer up to back-up my stuff to the cloud on a regular, daily bases. He kindly let me rant for a few minutes and said, “We’ll get another computer.” And just like that I got another computer!!

I think I am going to start a new campaign: BACK TO PAPER AND PEN!

But wait, my new computer is really, really nice! I love it’s color! I can send emails without them sending themselves! And I am back to my writing! Do you think Carl set up the computer to automatically back-up to the cloud? Yes, Yes, I am backing up to the cloud!!!!!

Campaign Over Until Another Day!!

Today do something that will challenge you!