Hi, Everyone! Oh my, Linda has changed her blog page header!! Yes, I have!!! I have been looking at the book header for a long while and decided it was “too heavy” — dark colors, heavy old books, something you might see on a scholarly heading. Don’t get me wrong that was the theme I was going for, but seriously, I am no scholar. I am a wife, mother, grandmother of six beautiful grandchildren (My oldest is going to college next year!!!), a retired United Methodist clergy person, a reader, a want to be writer (procrastination gets in my way), and a general all around bossy, in control person.

This blog is mostly about books — all kinds of books — because my reading style is eclectic. However, my main focus is the Classics. When I first retired, my first goal was to read all the classics — what I did not know is that there are thousands and thousands of Classics. I should have done my research first before I made that a goal. I prefer to have the actual book in my hand — don’t you just love the smell of books! But I also have a Kindle. I do not go there often, but I have it if I need it.

However, there will also be Reading Challenges and personal life crazy stuff. You cannot be a grandmother without wonderful grandchildren stories. I probably will also get on my “soap box” on occasion and let the world know how I am feeling about something. I have many topics that I am passionate about, one being Immigration Reform and another is supporting our police officers, fire fighters, and EMT emergency providers. Who knows, I may even throw in a little religious talk. I love to read comments from my readers.

So I invite you to come along with me and enjoy the ride.

Linda Freeto/blogger/practicing writer

Do something today that will challenge you!!!


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