The Delights of an Old House


Our home was built in 1927.

When you own an old house, there is always another project to do. However, many projects are not planned.

The sound of hammering and sawing is a joyful noise of an old house renovation. But where is the joy when the week before Thanksgiving your husband begins exploring. “Where is that musty smell coming from??”

Yep, he found the smell: in the kitchen, under the floor —  you guessed it — water!

Under the stove, under the dishwasher and out through a brick wall.  He found old piping that was split, rusted, holes, and water every where. Yep, an unplanned plumbing job. And of course, Carl is going to do it himself.

20161114_160715     20161114_16075820161114_160806We love our little, old house. Even the unplanned projects do not dampen our joy of home ownership.

 Come on Thanksgiving — we will be ready!!


 Today do something that will challenge you! We are!!



4 thoughts on “The Delights of an Old House

  1. Linda, I’ll bet your list is about as long as mine with items that need a plumber, electrician, carpenter and magician. But we wait because, Carl and Arnie are gifted and can do it themselves and they surely will……………..sometime before we are old. Oh, we are old. Oops


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