A Time of Graduation

Hi, my friends and family,

Years fly by without necessarily having benchmarks. But this is not one of those years. My oldest granddaughter, Jordin, will graduate from Little Elm High School Friday evening, June 3rd. I am in awe of this young lady. She has met disaster and grief with great courage and maturity. 

My husband and I have stood in for Jordin’s Dad, our son (Officer Dwayne Freeto), who was an Officer with the Fort Worth Police Department when he was killed while on duty. Jordin has taken this tragedy and turned it around to help others.

When you take time to listen to the young folks today, you begin to understand and hopefully be encouraged by the young folks who will one day take our place in the world. Our world is changing rapidly, and the new graduating seniors are ready to grow in knowledge and experience to take the reins. 

It is a joy to watch their excitement. Tomorrow is a new day. We are blessed to have young adults who are looking to the future for us all. Happy Graduation to all those who are experiencing the joy of the day and the future.

Today do something that will challenge you!!



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