Where Did the Time Go??!!!

Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year. Ralph Waldo Emerson

As I was growing up, there was one statement I disliked more than any others! Can you guess what that statement was? “Where did the time go??!!”

For me time did not go by that fast! School never seemed to end, and summer break was never long enough. The joy and celebration of Christmas and New Year’s never lasted long enough. The year I got my driver’s license did not come fast enough; the year I graduated from high school did not come fast enough; the year I got married did not come fast enough! What did my grandparents and parents mean – time goes by fast – no it didn’t.

This year I was sitting with children and grandchildren around a beautiful Christmas tress. Everyone was having a great time opening presents and checking out what others got. Turkey and ham were cooking in the kitchen. The sun was shining and the temperature was 75 degrees. Who could ask for anything more??!!

I sat marveling at my grandchildren. Young, beautiful and handsome, of course. Happy, poking fun at each other. And then it happened: out of my mouth came, “Where did the time go?” My son was an adult, married and has a son of his own. My daughter-in-law had remarried (our son died in 2006) and now was a mother of 5. So many changes, and yet, it seemed just like yesterday that my sons were  young children tearing off Christmas paper from gifts under the tree. “Where did the time go?”

Today is New Year’s eve — Wow, 2016 is only a few hours away. Can time really go by fast? Yes, it can. So instead of looking at the passage of time slipping by, this is a great time to look at all that has been accomplished in our world and country and families — all the marvels of medicine and research, all the books that have been written and read, all the hours spent with family; all the blessings that have come our way over the years.

Take this New Year’s eve and savor all the joys and life going on around you. Look back at the growth and change that took place when we were not aware. Then look ahead into the new year with great expectations of what treasures will come before us.

Happy New Year to friends and family.

Today do something that will challenge you!!!


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