!Malcolm X On Reading

“My alma mater was books, a good library … I could spend the rest of my life reading, just satisfying my curiosity.”  Malcolm X


Last month I promised to put out my very own 2016 Reading Challenge, and here it is!

During 2015 I posted a Reading Challenge from goodreads.com. I really liked the challenge and the opportunity to read some books I would not have read otherwise. I think that is the reason for Reading Challenges. We get set in our own ways and read the same authors over and over; the Reading Challenge helps us to break our comfortable “rut” and moves us on to new adventures. 

The 2015 Reading Challenge was great! Like I said, it challenged me to reading beyond my “comfort rut.” For instance: I would never have read “World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie Wars” by Max Brooks (a book with nonhuman characters), “Here I Stand” by Bishop John Shelby Spong (a Memoir), and “Charlotte’s Web” by E.B. White (a children’s book). 

But I found the 2015 Reading Challenge (By the way, this was not the only 2015 Reading Challenge. There were quite a few, but the one from goodreads.com was the one I chose.) was too daunting. Fifty-three books to read throughout the year was more than I could handle — I really do have a life beyond books — really I do!! For 2016 I decided it would be fun to have my very own Reading Challenge.

Here are the rules: (1) this is going to be a NO BUY BOOKS YEAR!! My heart is pounding; I am beginning to sweat; I AM A BIG BOOK CONSUMER!! I hope my husband does not read this post!!!!!!!!

Yes, the NUMBER ONE challenge is to NOT BUY ANY BOOKS in 2016.

(2) 2016  is the year you are to read from the public library or from your own bookshelves. Yes, 2016 is the year to read from your pile of books: books stacked beside your bed and your favorite chair; books that are piled high and jammd in your bookcases; books that are hidden in closets, under the bed, in drawers, and any other place that you might have stashed them.

(3) You can raid any friend’s or family member’s bookshelves. Invite them to come along on the LFREETOBLOG 2016 Reading Challenge.

Finally rule (#4): When you finish a book that you know you will not reread, give it away. Here are some great suggestions where your books can go: give it to family or friends and tell them you do not want it back; give it to the public library (Most libraries have a book sale once or twice a year selling the books the community brings to them. This is one way to support your local library.); give the book to a school (if the book is appropriate for children or teens.); don’t forget nursing homes, assisted living facilities, even to a recycle bookstore. Someone else will want to read the book you just finished.


1.      Read a book you got from the library.

2.      Read a book that a friend or family member let you borrow. (Don’t forget to give it back.)

3.      Reread a book you enjoyed the first or tenth time around.

4.      Read a book of poetry. (Don’t have one? Go to the public library.)

5.      Read a book that is sitting, laying, jammed into your bookcase.

6.      Read a biography.

7.      Read a children’s storybook (You can read this out loud to your children or grandchildren.)

8.      Read a Classic book.

9.      Read about a craft or hobby you love to do. (This book could be on quilting, sewing, gardening,                                    woodworking, car renovations, house renovations, etc.)

10.    Read a book by your favorite author.

11.    Read a book of the Bible (Old or New Testament or both).

12.    Read a series you have wanted to read (Remember the public library).

13.    Read a book that challenges and stretches your current opinions.

14.    Read a fiction or non-fiction written by a Christian author.

15.    Read a mystery or thriller.

16.    Read a book that is over 400 pages.

17.    Read a book based on a true story.

18.    Read a book that is at the top of your Reading List.

19.    Read a Classic Novella (Remember the public library).

20.    Read a short story collection.

21.    Read a cookbook — yes, a cookbook. Then make a new recipe for yourself or someone else.

22.    Read a book by an author you have not read before.

23.    Read a war story (If you don’t have one, go to the public library.)

24.    Read a Christmas story.

25.    In December buy a book for someone else. OK, you can buy one for yourself.

There it is: 25 books, 2 books a month. As you read through 2016 share your books with us. We would love to see what interests you. Come join me and make space for some new books in 2017. (Laugh out loud!!)

Today do something that will challenge you!



  1. Now this is a great challenge! 🙂 BUT… NOT BUYING A BOOK IN 2016… does that include the ‘free’ kindle books?? YIKES… you’ve got me in a sweat just thinking about this one!! 🙂 🙂 I found the other one too overwhelming … I hope I can jump on board with this one!! Thanks for sharing!! Blessings, Melanie


    • Hi, Melanie, I made the same “YIKES” as you did at the Not Buying A Book in 2016. However, I have thought about “free” Kindle Books and have decided they don’t count. (This is my challenge; so I can make executive decisions!! LOL) We are not paying money for the Kindle Books; so we read read all the “free” Kindle Books we want. Many of Kindle’s free books are classics as well. Read and enjoy!


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