Week # 7 Reading Challenge

Last night I was at a writing workshop talking with a woman about the 2015 Reading Challenge. She said that last year she took the 2014 Reading Challenge and enjoyed it a lot. She read 25 books through the challenge that she would never had read otherwise. That is my hope for each of you — read something different!

At this writing workshop the older crowd was talking about the decline in reading and writing today. One lady said that she never gets a handwritten note or letter. Generations behind us are tweeting, texting, emailing, and blogging all the time. They never see their grandchildren pick up a book to read.

When I was in college I took at philosophy course where the professor said that my generation would be the last generation to read for fun. At the time I totally disagreed with him. Of course, there will always be books and people will always read. All of my grandchildren are readers (Well, one “hates” to read but the school she attends requires a certain number of books read beyond class work. However, last Christmas she asked if I would buy her The Giver by Lois Lowry for a Christmas gift. You bet I did. There is hope!!!), but I think that is becoming less and less common.

I also believe there is another answer. We have gone to iPads, Kindle, Nook, and computers where we can read anything we want without “picking up a book.” I know that in some cases, even text books are coming on iPads, etc. The cost for classroom books are so expensive that some schools are finding ways around the cost. Colleges and universities are doing the same thing. I do have a Kindle. It is hiding in one of my unpacked boxes. Thank goodness we still have paper!!

We are now in our seventh week of fifty-two weeks of the reading challenge. This week’s category is “book with nonhuman characters.” Here are some possible picks: The Crucible of Time by John Brunner. The story “traces the development over millennia of a civilization of an unusual alien species, whose sense of humor, resourceful adaptability, and metalworking skills are the strengths and the hope of their society” (Amazon description). Watersong by Mary Caraker. “I recommend to everyone who’s a nature lover and/or sci-fiction reader … is full of detail and imagination” (Amazon review). Remedy: A Story of Aligare by Heidi C. Vlach. “After a century of mining, Peregrine is tired. He is an older avian who can’t hear a simple conversation for himself. He relies on the help of keen-eyed weasel assistants, whom he raises like his own children” (Amazon description). At Winter’s End by Robert Silverberg. “After seven hundred thousand years underground, one tribe emerges to explore a new world” (Amazon description). Go forth and read!!!

Today, do something that challenges you, Linda.

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