Blindsided by Book List

First of all, I would like to congratulate myself because this is my 20th Blog. Who would have guessed I was that “fluent????!!!!” in writing. I have to really smile about that because I have struggled a lot trying to find things of interest for my readers. I don’t have a “topic” I read about like so many blogs. Mine just comes out of my head and backed by a few facts and figures.

It always surprises me by the time I have finished a blog that it is not quite what I intended when I started. You get the finished produce; I get all the dropped paragraphs and thoughts that run down the alley that have nothing to do with the finished produce.

I have read several books on writing as well as several blogs. I am also taking a writing course online with Jeff Goins ( Everything I have read and almost everything I have written, I have found that the finish produce is never the original intent of the piece. I have played around with my book idea, and each time I sit down to write on it my thoughts are headed in a different direction. At first that was very disheartening, but now I am beginning to realize that this is just the process.

At this point I have written 224 words, and none of it has anything to do with my title. So on to my original intended blog.  (Laugh out loud or lol)

As you know I have committed myself to reading “all the Classics” before I die. If I stay committed to that journey, I will live to be very old or never die. As of yesterday morning, I had 821 Classic titles on my list too read. THEN, I got a Facebook message from Melanie Blake (A great New Hampshire friend.) with a website for and their “2015 Reading Challenge.” I will list before the book list challenge. You get to pick the books you want to read, then check off the catalogue your book fits in.

I then got interested in what this website was and what else it had to offer. Oh my gosh, you will not believe this!!! I found “1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die.”


4 thoughts on “Blindsided by Book List

    • Hi, Janice. Thanks for your comments. However, I hit the publish key instead of the save key and the blog went out before I was finished. I’ll finish the blog and give you the 2015 Reading Challenge list. Sorry about that! Lol

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  1. That’s so funny! After seeing your challenge of reading the classics, I had been toying with the idea of added a few classics to my reading list instead of falling into the same pattern of ‘easy reads for pleasure’! THEN I found this list!! 🙂 I can do both!! I like the idea of getting out of my ‘comfortable’ reads but not so far out that I lose interest!! I’m SO EXCITED to have you join me!


    • Hi, Melanie. Thank you for your comment. However, I hit the published key instead of the save key before I was finished. Lol. So the blog ended abruptly. I’ll finish it later tonight.

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