Thoughts About Thanksgiving

In a couple of days we will celebrate one of my favorite holidays — Thanksgiving. I love the smell of turkey cooking in the oven; Macy’s Day Parade on TV; and family and friends coming through the door to celebrate this wonderful time together.

Usually I do most of the cooking for Thanksgiving Dinner, spending hours getting things ready so we all can sit down to give thanks for our blessings and being together. This year our house is not in shape for a family gathering; so we are heading to Coppell to have Thanksgiving dinner with Karen and her future husband and family.

I want to take a special privilege here if you all (or y’all) don’t mind. Karen and Steve Rutherford became engaged last Valentine’s Day. Steve is a wonderful young man (Well late 30’s. To me that is young!). He is a police officer with the Farmer’s Branch Police Department and investigates crime scenes. Steve is a believer in Jesus Christ. He has a calm nature, and is very sure of himself. He has three children (2 girls and 1 boy); so two small families coming together to make one large family. But before we could all be happy about Karen and Steve dating, Steve had to learn how to deal with the Freeto Family!

Now I am not saying that we are difficult to get along with, but I am saying that Karen is “ours.” She has been a member of this family since she and Dwayne got married, and since Dwayne’s death in 12/2006 Karen has become more of a daughter than a daughter-in-law. We have been through a lot as we supported each other in our grief and sadness. We learned together how to live again in a new and different way. We had to find our “new normal.” So for me, it was very important that Steve understood that we come with Karen — baggage and all.

For the past year, Steve has seen us work together, play together, have serious discussions, have fun together, cry together and laugh together until we were silly–That’s family! That’s what we do! It’s called “LOVE.” There is no other way to explain it. Karen and the girls (Jordin and Jenna), as well as, our son Chuck, Anna, and Nathan are the most important people in our lives. And that is not going to change. We love to be with our children and grandchildren, and that won’t change either.

We have found that Steve has a great sense of humor. He has respect for Karen’s extended family, and more than that he has respect for our son Dwayne. How can you not love a guy like that??!! Of course, things will change. Change has to happen, and we are ready for it.

This Thanksgiving we will celebrate love of family as we gather together for dinner. This is still one of my favorite holidays — we celebrate the love of our Lord; we celebrate the new family that is too come.

I pray that all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. May God bless you and your families.

Today, do something that challenges you, Linda


4 thoughts on “Thoughts About Thanksgiving

  1. What a beautiful message, Linda! No need to scare Steve away with the fact that the Herons feel we are your extended family and as such may actually be part of the package too! LOL – truly, I am so grateful for you and Carl always putting God first in your lives and teaching us how to carry on when we think we can’t. What a gift! HAPPY THANKSGIVING – and to Carl, too!


  2. It sounds like Karen is a blessed woman to have 2 wonderful men in her life and a family that loves unconditionally! You and Carl are a shining example of what LOVE in action is all about! God bless you all!


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