On Vacationdo someth

I thought I would be able to have a new article ready for tomorrow’s blog, but wrong!! I am traveling from Texas to New Hampshire by car. We have had some car problems (rental car), but now that seems to be in the past. We have seen some beautiful landscaping and wonderful weather. Tonight it is cool. Hopefully we will arrive to our destination tomorrow.

So I am going to say “Goodnight! and sweet dreams.” If I can get a wifi connection by Tuesday, I will try to have a new blog ready. Thanks for reading.

Today, do something that challengers you, Linda


2 thoughts on “On Vacationdo someth

  1. You guys soooo deserve a vacation and a break. I hope you get to have some fun and some rest. God bless your travels!

    I don’t mean to interrupt people. I just randomly remember things and get really excited.



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