The Next Generation

Tonight I am with my granddaughters, Jordin and Jenna. Their Mom is out of town for a few days, and I get the privilege of spending the time with them.

The house is quiet. Jordin is listening to classical music and doing her homework in the dining room. Jenna is in her Mom’s office texting her Mom. Isn’t that what girls do when they miss their Moms?

I also have a grandson Nathan. He is a very busy young man. With school and homework that dominates his world as well. And of course, he ALWAYS has something very important to do on MindCraft!

I wonder what life is going to be like for them when they grow up.Will they have to face the horrors of terrorism? Will they live in a time when our country is at war again? Will they live in a time when the world increasingly hates Americans? Will they have to deal with the effects of global warming? When I was their age, I just wanted to get the homework out of the way so I could go outside to play. Classical music was no where on my radar. Playing in the school band, or giving presentations in a social studies class never happened in my school.

I remember hearing older adults complaining about our generation. They did not like our music or the clothes we wore. And they did not understand (and I think for the most part did not want to understand) our protests: “Stop the War!” “Women have a right to receive equal pay for equal work!” “All human beings deserve to be free and have the same opportunities in life.” I am afraid we haven’t come very far on any of our well-meaning protests.

I think every generation has had the previous generation lament their “laziness, lack of respect, and ‘they will never amount to anything” attitude. I have heard this said about the present younger generation, and I totally disagree!  I am amazed at the young men and women of today.

They do care about what’s happening in the world around them. Of course, they want the freedom to do what all pre-teens and teens do. But I wonder what is going through my eleven year old granddaughter’s mind when she is reading “Number the Stars” by Lois Lowery. One girl is Jewish, the other is not. They live in Germany during the reign of Hitler.

These young folks are making a difference in their own way, not in our way. Didn’t we all feel that way when we were their age? Life is much more complicated and difficult in this world of ours, then ever before. And I don’t believe that the only difference is that we have TV now; so we are more aware.

I feel comfortable moving aside and letting them make their mark on the world. They still have a lot of growing up to do, but we have to take time to listen, listen, and listen some more to what they have to say. We must encourage them and support them. Then help them figure things out when they ask.

Now I am not saying that it is time to go home to the rocking chair. There is too much to do in our communities and our world. But my grandchildren know that I will be with them 100%.

Don’t be concerned about tomorrow. Sit back and watch the kids around you. You may be surprised. I think for the most part, you will find some very gifted and talented young people who really care about what is going on in their country and around the world.

It’s time to go to bed for these young leaders; tomorrow is another busy day of learning.

Today, do something that challenges you, Linda


One thought on “The Next Generation

  1. When I think of the hard physical work, no electricity, no ice, no indoor plumbing, no air conditioning, that my parents grew up with on the farm, I don’t blame them for thinking my generation was lazy. We were, compared to them, digging in the hard dirt, praying hard for weather to make their crops come through. I break a fingernail and I get aggravated. My parents didn’t have long enough fingernails to break – they wore them down in the fields. It took me decades to realize that their experiences shaped how they thought of my spoiled generation, even though it was they who wanted to spoil us, so we never had to suffer every day just to survive as they did! I can’t even relate. I don’t think the next generations will be able to relate to us who lived most of our lives without cellphones and computers, nor can we even imagine what wonders (good and bad) will come from their electronic life and work. We’re in such a special time of ours lives, to see the past, and see glimpses of the future lives of our grandchildren. I think that’s nothing short of a miracle! I’m so glad you get to watch them! Thank you so much for sharing with us here.


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