It’s time to move again. This time we move because we are retiring. My husband, Carl and I are so use to moving every four years or so, that we cannot imagine what it will be like to not move in 2018.

I did not think that downsizing to a smaller house would be a big deal, but I was wrong! I did not realize I was attached to so much “JUNK.” Who would think I saved a soap dish, because I “might use it someday.”

A lot of “stuff” is church related that I had bought or written or collected over the years: Bible stories, children’s stories, church communication, confirmation materials, Bible study lessons, and community outreach. A lot of it I gave to the church we are serving, some of it to the library, the rest recycled.

However, there are two areas I could not (??) or would not (!!) downsize. One is my “tons” of books, and two, my quilt fabric. Every time Carl carries out another box of books, he would look at me with THAT look – “Really, do you really need all these books?” And I would look back and with my eyes say “Yes. Yes, I do!”

I get a great deal of enjoyment out of reading. I have always been a “book hound.” I love them! I like the way they feel in my hands and their smell. Yes, I have a Kindle. I like my Kindle, but it is not the same. There’s a big difference between turning a page and flipping a screen. The texture and weight of a book compared to a piece of cold metal is different. The one thing I really do like about a Kindle, you can still read in the dark when the lights are out. You can’t read a book in the dark.

Fabric for quilts also have a similar hold on me. I have boxes of fabric. Every time I start a new quilt project, I go through the boxes to see what I can use. “Oh, this one and this one look great together.” “I have been looking for this fabric for a month. It will go well with the baby quilt.” However, I do give my quilts away, especially the baby quilts.

I do all my quilts by hand. In fact, I do not own a  sewing machine. I am not a fast “stitcher,” and sometimes the quilts get put aside for months before I pull them out and begin again. Reading and quilting (and now writing) are my most favorite things to do.

I was thinking that it would be hard to downsize. But I realize it is not all that hard. It turns out I do not want to downsize everything I have. I will just have to make room for them.Look out soap dish, when I have to downsize somewhere, it may just be you!

Today, do something that challenges you, Linda


6 thoughts on “Downsizin

  1. Now, wait a moment! Some of the quilt material is older than I, been moved 9 times and could probably be tossed! I will not even comment on the books….


  2. You have much in common with Captain Picard (Star Trek: Next Generation). Even in the fantasy 24th century, the Captain of the Enterprise far preferred real books to electronic reading. Obviously great minds (real like yours and pretend like the character’s) are alike in your reverence for page and ink. I’ve read some of Clancy, but his “Debt of Honor” in paperback had like 1,200 pages and was so heavy it hurt my wrists to hold! So I broke it into FOUR pieces and was happy as a clam to finish each piece. Love you! Thank you for the blog. I’m enjoying it – and as I move stuff, I certainly can relate. (I try to look at stuff and think how my successor would feel as he picks up each piece of memorabilia and thinks, “What in the world was Mom thinking???” And then it’s easier to trash it! haha)


  3. Linda, you keep your books and your fabric. SOME people (Carl can start shaking his head about now) are likely to have a myriad of nuts, bolts, scews, hammer, screwdrivers, drills and drill bits, … safely stashed away just in case they are needed one day. (car parts, extra parts just in case one wasn;t enough ….)


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