Why Blog?

You can go anywhere on the web and find blogs. Blogs for quilting, blogs for gardening, blogs about immigration, blogs about politics, blogs about religious beliefs, blogs about blogging, and on and on.

Why do I want to blog? Well, there are four reasons: (1) I am taking a writing course (Jeff Goins, Tribe Writers), and in one assignment he encourages a new writer to have a blog — go public — even if you are not a good writer. “This is where you practice.” I don’t know if I agree with this piece of advice or not. So I am going to give it a whirl. (Jeff Goins, founder of Tribe Writers — http://www.tribewriters.com — is the instructor of the writing course, failed nine blogs before he became a successful blogger. That gives me hope!)

(2) I am a major procrastinator. I told a friend or two that I was going to start my first blog the first Tuesday of August. Hmmmmmm! It is now the second Friday of September, and I am just now getting up my courage to go public with a new blog. Writing forces me to bypass the procrastination step and move on.

(3) In the “writing world,” publishers and agents say that an author has to have a “Platform” before a new writer can publish. A “Platform” is how a writer makes themselves known in the writing world. One area publishers and agents look for is a blog. The blog (or website) is open to the public; they look at how the public responds to the blog? Publishers and agents look for the success of the blog; the persistence of the writer; and the number of followers a blogger has. (Even with a good blog or website it can take a new writer three to five years (YES, 3 to 5 years) to publish a book. Who would have guessed? (However, there are exceptions to this: J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter.)

And finally (4) I want to see if I can do it. Can I be persistent and write every day. (The blog will be twice a week — Tuesdays and Fridays.) And can I write every day on my “AMAZING” book that is still dancing in my head. But I have to start somewhere, and my public writing begins here.

So here I am, a major procrastinator kicking and screaming to my computer to write some more.

Why blog? Because it’s a challenge. Why blog? Because once I finally get my butt in the chair, I enjoy the process of writing. Why blog? Because I want to challenge my own thinking process. I want to learn why I believe the things I believe. Why blog? I want to write better so that maybe, just maybe, one day I will write something that will challenge others to “go for” their dreams. Why blog? Because I want to. I think that with the hard work, I will come away with a deep sense of accomplishment and joy that what I say matters!

So come along with me. I may succeed; I may fail, but mostly I am going to have fun with my new blog.

Today, do something that challenges you, Linda


8 thoughts on “Why Blog?

  1. I’ll throw out there – Why Blog and Why Follow? Because you get to and we get to share a piece of your mind and your heart that we may no longer get the chance to experience because of time and distance. It keeps us close and in fellowship. We love enlightenment!


  2. I think I am challenged each day —- to make it thru said day! Such as a 2 1/2 year old = ‘potty training’ and a 10 1/2 mo. old = ‘teething’, etc., etc.


  3. “Why blog” is very much answered by the lyrics of Glenn Beck’s newest theme song: We all want to belong, We all want to be heard,
    We all want to be free, want to feel safe, get far from the hurt
    We all want to belong, be a part of the spark,
    We all want to be free, want to feel safe, get far from the dark
    All we want is love….love….


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